Computer-Based Testing

The following ICTS tests are offered on computer in addition to the regularly scheduled paper-based test administrations:

Computer-based testing (CBT) is available year-round by appointment, Monday through Saturday (excluding some holidays), at test centers throughout the United States, its territories, and Canada, including over 10 centers in Illinois. Refer to "Test Sites for Computer-Based Testing" for information about available test centers.

Registration. Registration for computer-based testing is available on the Internet by selecting "Register Now" on the ICTS Web site. There may be an additional computer-based testing fee for a test taken on computer; see "Test Fees and Payment Policies" for additional information. The following guidelines apply to computer-based testing registration:

Test administration. In computer-based testing, examinees complete the test by selecting answers on-screen to multiple-choice questions and typing responses to writing assignments. See "Reporting to the Test Site for Computer-Based Testing," "What to Bring to the Test Site for Computer-Based Testing," and "Test Site Rules" for details about the day of the test, including information about identification and security policies.

Score reporting. Scores are reported according to the schedule indicated in "Test Dates for Computer-Based Testing." See "Release of Your Test Scores" for additional information on score reporting.

Is Computer-Based Testing Right for Me?